Thrift in Extreme?

I am embarrassed to write this, but our family has not had an Official Vacation for Three and a Half Years. 

Yes, we did go to Duck Hunting Camp last January,

but in my book, that DID NOT qualify in any way

as a Family Vacation,

at least not

for me.


  I don’t mean to be selfish, but I scrubbed, cooked, laundered,

and did all the work while my men shot Ducks for 10 days.

We were in a 2 room shack and it was COLD.

I was the one who kept the home fires burning, and,

although I did take a few nature walks, I primarily was

the Keeper of the Cabin.


  In no way does that sound like a vacation to me,

I mean,

what WAS I thinking? 

sunrise on the road

 I was ok with our ‘No Vacation This Year’ policy

knowing that our family was “starting over” in a new home, job, and locality.


With so many life changes and such,

we chose (for 3 years) not to spend our precious income on a Vacation.

Fast forward to today.

These past few months,  I see on Social Media daily…

Families enjoying Beaches,





Now…    we DO have fun, and go to the Local Pool almost every day.

But there is something different about getting away to the Beach!

I want to do it! 

It won’t happen this year,

but I am setting my mind


making a goal that next Summer,

we will spend a week

on the Beach

in a Family Vacation Setting. 

How will this happen?


We Thrift anyway…  I mean, as a rule, my son and nephew and my Mother love to shop at the local Thrift shops.  We go almost Weekly to our favorite area Thrift Shops!  Our home is filled with Thrifted Treasures.

I am starting to get an eye for the nice, valuable pieces.  I have decided to let Thrifting go to the next level, and become a Seller of Thrift to finance our 2016 Summer Beach Vacation.


No more fake smiles when I tell the kids “we are on a Staycation.”

That’s been fine for this summer, but next Summer we are OUT of Here.

A Real Vacation is in the cards for us! 

I have been encouraged at the shopping opportunities in our local area.  My new interest is You Tube.  There are so many educational videos out there to help me fund my vacation
Bye Bye Christmas Decoration... This one is a collectible and worth more than you would think!!
Bye Bye Christmas Decoration… This one is a collectible and worth more than you would think!!
Yesterday I opened up my closet with NEW Eyes.
  So Many pieces of clothing that I NEVER wear!   Perfectly good clothing!! 
I wore this once, and my cousin gave it to me... free!
I wore this once, and my cousin gave it to me… free!
And so it begins… A new mentality.  We can do it. 
I Can do it!
This was 50 cents on half price for 'Family Day' and will make some child very happy this Christmas morning... Cha Ching!
This Puzzle  was 50 cents on half price for ‘Family Day’ and will make some child very happy this Christmas morning… Cha Ching!  Meanwhile, Visions of Sandcastles fill my dreams!  Here we come, BEACH, one Puzzle at a Time.
Now on to the goal setting!
PicMonkey Collage beach
Past vacations, which seem like eons ago!
More on my new vocational hobby:
I found 2 chairs and many other treasures in my favorite Good Will Shop.  So Cute!
Here is a “Before” Picture of the Breakfast Nook:
I love the way the little cozy area turned out…
A problem identified: No comfortable place to sit! This is a biggie in my book, since I really LOVE to TALK and LISTEN to my family members when they come around and seem to want to talk. Here is my solution: I removed the little Kitchen Table (we really did use it quite a bit, but now I have an excuse to use my lovely large Dining Room for Meals).
 Side Note:  the floors are abominable, but they, too shall be replaced by something lovely and top rated…  in Time!
Stay Tuned!

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