Midnight on Christmas Eve 2015

 Merry Christmas everyone!

thomas kin
Source:  ThomasKincade.com


So it is finally the time we have been waiting for, namely the one and only eve of Christmas!   Everything is ready at the Cottage, and tonight we pray for an abundance of Christmas peace in our hearts. 

One of the very last things I ritualistically do on the night of Christmas Eve is turn all the lights off and sit by the crackling hearth, breathing deeply.

It has been an especially long week this time before Christmas, filled with more emotions than most at this time of year, because my Grandmother passed on to glory three days ago.

The Kitchen Nook on Christmas Eve


So tonight, I light a candle in Louree’s Honor,

and say a special prayer to the Father of the

Christmas Child

for Peace in my soul. 


 Grandma, you are missed.