A Heart of Compassion: Giving Up Spring Break for the Gospel

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in the Harding University Bulletin –

Truett is a friend of our son, and a fine young man.  The following is an article about his generous way of giving back to God.

Source:  Hannah Beall Owens

Truett Kenner had never been to South America before this week. He has been co-leading a group of 22 students on a spring break mission trip in Ecuador.

Keener has participated in mission trips during spring break before, but this is the first trip he has led as a part of spring break missions through the Mitchell Center for Leadership and Ministry.

     “People often don’t realize how many opportunities there are to travel, to lead groups or participate in a group, and that’s something I would love to see vocalized more,” he said. “I would love to see the program grow.”

The group has been busy ministering to children, leading Bible classes and chapel, and working on the property around a local school. While Keener has been focused on the specifics of his trip this week, he can’t help but see the impact of spring break missions as a whole.

“Sometimes we can get caught up in what’s happening with our individual trips, but when we look at the big picture, it’s very impressive what actually happens,” he said. “I’m really happy to be able to be a part of it. “


Hannah Owens, director of digital medi