A Smiling Summer Begins

frontdooryard 1 2
Beside the Front Door are Welcoming Birds


     I am always quite eager for summer when the spring rains are followed by warm, sunny days.  My garden seems to transform into a lush tapestry of color and texture.  Soon I will be able to indulge in the luxury of gathering herbs to mix with the roses and Zinnias I planted last week. 

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 I count on my cutting garden for bouquets for the cottage, friends, parties, and for taking to the ill with a hot meal.  The pleasure of my cottage garden begins now, as I walk among the plants each morning, barefooted, and in my robe.  Caressing an herb leaf to release its gently fragrance seems to invigorate me and prepare me for my busy day!  

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While I am dressing, I mull over ideas for a centerpiece to welcome friends, or a pretty bouquet or nosegay to give to a young graduate, or a loving bride. 

MyFairyGarden2016 12


     I enjoy my life so much more when I have a garden full of blooms and herbs.  When I make a bouquet or arrangement, I love to personalize it through the language of flowers.  A nosegay for a newly engaged young lady becomes even more thoughtful when it has sprigs of sage tucked in for a long life and good health; thyme for courage; and basil for good wishes.   Surely she would delight in a bouquet that carries a message of Love through roses, Forget-Me-Nots and myrtle.  Rosemary is symbolic of remembrance; violets and lavender for devotion; and ivy for fidelity.  My garden allows me to share joys and good wishes in so many ways!  

How do you share the joy of gardening with loved ones?