The Poetry of White



The colors of the holiday season have now been safely tucked away, but what replaces them?

I don’t know about you, but I am personally calmed in the following of the REDS and GREENS of December with a covering of White in January.

Like the purity of a fresh blanket of snow, this color soothes the soul and seems to encourage peace and rest.

Often when poets search for a way to describe unaffected,

pure beauty,  they turn to one word:  



This gentle color expresses love and gentleness of spirit in many writings,

so here in our home,

we use White prolifically.



At Blue Willow Cottage,

we celebrate the poetry of white

in January…


whether it dazzles among the “flowers in the mede,”

or  inspires the tranquil women  at a wedding party .


White Embrace of Happiness



After all,

“…a Woman can never be too fine

while she is all in white.”

– Queen Victoria


My lovely neice, Eden

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