Unsuspected Encouragement

Have you ever been encouraged by a complete stranger:  someone who seems to see you as you truly are, but barely has ever set eyes upon you before the moment?  I have.  Truly.  At the least beautiful moments of my life.  Embarrassing times.  Times when I feel that I have utterly failed.  One such stranger uttered a small phrase, “This too, shall pass,” when my then 2 year old was screaming, kicking, and crying because I had to put the Oreos back on the shelf (not enough money for them).  Well, I have decided to give back.  Pay it forward, as they say.  Some tell of paying extra for coffee at Starbucks for the person behind them.  Well, I am leaving words of love for the downtrodden.


I love letter writing. Lately, I have been challenged by my friends at “MOPS” to write anonymous letters and leave them in places to be found by fellow mothers.

And so, I have written yet another note, penned this morning to some unsuspecting person who will hopefully be very uplifted by my “Open Me” envelope.

Have you ever left an encouraging note to some unknown person to be found later? It is a great way to get instant gratification in the “giving-back” department.