Stirrings of my Heart


When the Dog bites…

When the Bee stings…

When I ‘m feeling sad…

My heart also thinks:

Today Someone is with their child at a hospital fighting cancer,

Someone is caring for their aging parent who has Alzheimer’s,

Someone is praying for their wayward child,

a Missionary is being persecuted for his Faith in Jesus…..

e0aa380b6033b0bb734c96d59403f943 lord supper

Source:  the Illustrated Bible





my Savior…

one day…

will make all things new.


A new life…

In Heaven, with our LORD!

pwr prayr

Source:  Christian Publications



And while we wait…  we have a Hope and Joy that runs deeper still ♥  

I pray all readers will know that kind of Love.

His Love satisfies.

Praise the Lord for the Gospel      

 John 16:33


 I have no idea how I would live without Jesus…