Treasure Traditions: Rosh Hashanah

This is a  REPOST  from my son’s Blog, in which he  writes about our family tradition of celebrating the Jewish Holiday, “Rosh Hashanah.”  

~Today, Rosh Hashanah begins at Sundown, and our family  will begin fasting and preparing the traditional meal once again, to be eaten at Sundown tomorrow.  We will fast for 24 hours, just as the Hebrew people did thousands of years ago.  We will think about our failures and sins, and we will make a plan to overcome them, starting today.  We will pray to the LORD for forgiveness, and we will start anew at the feast tomorrow night.  Many scriptures will be read at Dinnertime during our family feast, and we will end the night by casting our breads upon the water on the shore of the Susquehanna River… signifying the casting of our sins and failures away from us, and the new beginning we have in Christ every morning. 

~Lastly, we will join hands and pray for renewed strength to follow Christ and be transformed into HIS likeness more and more in the coming year.  This is our family’s tradition.   We hope you enjoy a little glimpse into our lives

Reposted From Blaize’s Blog from 2016

We have TONS of Traditions in my family,

but we started a very different tradition this year.

We loved doing it so much, my parents say we are going to

make it an annual Tradition!

We read about the Jewish Holiday of Rosh Hashanah.
Then we acted it out in a dinner.
We even fasted the day and night before the feast we made.
We definitely are not Jewish, but we wanted to learn more about Jewish Holidays
since we read through the whole Old Testament this year.
I thought it was cool, because Jesus and his apostles all would have
celebrated this Feast many times in their lives.
I think it would be good for all Christians to do this!
It made me think about so many things!
Like when we were making the feast—the unleavened bread.
This is taken every Sunday at our Church,
but do people really know what it means, and why we take it?
Jewish kids would have known, because in the Feast,
the father tells the history of the Jewish People!
We had Grape Juice instead of wine at our dinner.
The wine/Grape Juice reminded me of Jesus’s blood that
was shed on the cross.  It also reminded me of the
Last Supper!
My Dad pours the Fruit of the Vine for our Feast
It was kind of fancy, because the Jews made a big deal
out of drinking it.  We put it in fancy glasses.
We made fish with lemons (on the grill), and unleavened bread.
I spilled the fish juice on the floor before our feast began.
That smelled bad!
But it was quickly cleaned up, no harm done!
We did not eat the head or the eyes on this guy!
These were little fish we ate.

Our table for Rosh Hashanah.
We had Apples to dip into Honey, just like in the Old Testament



That was their Dessert!


I never dipped apples into Honey before, but it was Good!


At sundown, we “broke our fast” and had a Feast


I have never fasted before this day.  The food really tasted good
to all of us after our fast.  The flavors came out more.


My Dad and Mom wore Jewish caps and Veils like
the Jewish parents did


I blew the Shofar a lot, it was fun!
The Shofar is supposed to be a Ram’s Horn, but this hollow stick was the best thing I could find.



I was glad that Roasted Chicken was a
Jewish Feast Food, and not just Fish!


We ate by candle light and read the scriptures that they
read in the Old Testament times


I was breaking the bread


Here is a website that gives a lot of information about this Feast:
I learned so much from having this Dinner!
Next year we are going to invite some of our Elders to join us
for Rosh Hashanah.