Jackpot On My Front Porch


Jackpot Day!

A friend is moving and asked if I might want some “Junk” from his garage, boxes of stuff he had not thought about for 5 years.



My ears perked up when he mentioned that there might be some “floral dishes” in there somewhere.


Yes, there were… 8 Table settings of the Rare Antique China “Bountiful” Staffordshire by Myott, Sons, &Co from approximately 1950?!

I have been searching for Red and White Transferware for my Christmas Dinner Table for years in Thrift Shops.


This week, they were delivered to my front porch in dusty cardboard boxes… Free!

All I had to do was unwrap and wash them.

Treasures from the LORD. He knew I needed a pick-me-up today. How appropriate that they are named “Bountiful.” That is just another little message from God to me! I was so excited to see them on the table, I snapped the photo before I realized that I still needed to put out the knifes and spoons.


I am counting the days until Christmas… and wouldn’t they look fantastic on a Valentine’s Dinner Table, too?