Not Helpful

“Our concern be peace of mind… Keep unlovely things afar.” ——Theocritus


I have never been able to receive inspiration or creative thoughts when I’ve got clutter in my mind. I cleanse my mind by walking fast and up hills. The harder the walk the better the cleanse. If I want to dissipate angry thoughts, I take a long walk.

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It feels good to cleanse my mind of all the clutter, the anger, the bitterness, and the stuff that does not do me any good. I have a new mantra: “not helpful.” These words I repeat to myself when ‘those’ situations arise.

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Sure– my schedule is no different than anyone else’s. The life I chose years ago has proven to become challenging. But what life isn’t?

How do you keep unlovely thoughts ‘afar,’ as Theocritus advised?

2 thoughts on “Not Helpful

  1. Yippee!!! Now I can leave a comment! Great, great, great! We all live imperfect lives. When mine is going haywire and my thoughts stray to distraction, I”m also a candidate for long walks with positive music streaming into my ears. My poor spine health doesn’t always allow for that, though, so I have resorted to creating when I can’t get out and move around like I’d like to. Creating makes me feel whole again…purposeful in some way, especially if someone has made me feel “less than” or taken advantage of. I also cry to my heart’s content. Crying is therapeutic for me. It lets me release all the “ick” bottled up inside. It gets tossed into the trash with a tissue, never to be revisited!

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    1. Alycia,

      I do love good music, too! And “creating” is like icing on life’s cake to me… Another thing, sometimes I set my oven timer and cry like a baby for a full 5 minutes. I homeschool, so I have to be selective about that one. I have been known to sob loudly in the shower. I ALWAYS feel better. They say that there is something in our tears that releases toxins! I love what you said about tossing the tissue and the issue in the trash when done!!!


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