Dear Friends

Memories are like treasures stored in a bank’s safety deposit box.  My goal is to make as many deposits into this memory store as possible this season.  my family knows that I plan ahead for special times together doing “Christmassy things.” 

What I love about memories is that we can draw on them anytime in the future that we feel the need to recall our happiness from yesteryear.

andgel cookies

The activities we are involved in today are soon to be fondly recalled in our remembrance.  Don’t let the TV or busy-ness steal this treasure from your family.  Make some special memories today! 

coffee sprinkels christmas

See more memories from our family’s past at


6 thoughts on “Dear Friends

  1. I love making memories and several turn into yearly traditions., not just the holiday season, but all year long. Love posts that continue to remind us what is Most important in the hours in our days.

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