Hospitality: Open Heart, Open Home

Mini Roses


Welcome into my heart! 

When guests come into my home, they also enter into my heart.
I do not have to know a person,
or anything about them to invite them into my heart,
my home,
and/or to have a seat at my dining room table.



tea vignette

Over the past few years, I have been concerned with the conversations I have heard with regard to hospitality and fellowship.  I have met women who have lavish, expensive parties and gatherings, but would never open their home to a needy person, or a stranger.  
Fellowship in these conversations is defined as eating together, or playing together.  I would like to submit that fellowship is more than this.  Fellowship, in my mind, means doing everything we can to help our fellow human beings for the enjoyment of others! 
If I can lift the spirit of someone by diverting the attention from the regular routine of everyday living, this is entertainment, or the outgrowth of the love and concern I have in my heart for others. 


Sheltering Friends


    Whether it be drinking a cup of coffee together, or having an elaborate banquet, the object of hospitality is to give something of ourselves for the enjoyment of others.
Entertaining is Fun!     I want to help others to start asking themselves,
“How can I entertain more?”


Image from a plate I bought at the Thrift Shop


Opening our homes and hearts to others will bring us untold joys,
blessings, and memories to treasure for a lifetime. 
My prayer is that these posts about Hospitality will help all of us be better
servants to others by doing so joyfully. 


word vignette

Some of my favorite memories include times I have spontaneously invited strangers over to have ice cream and coffee.  I love having the young single folks from our congregation over after Sunday evening prayer services.  We eat, talk, sing, and sometimes even dance!  
Impromptu parties with kids who stop by after school on their way home from school have led to the most amazing conversations, crafts, and even science projects! 
I love when my sister stops by with her friends for a cup of coffee, just to see what I am up to.  I never disappoint.



Here’s to the blessings we will experience!


Sincerely from the Cottage at Blue Willow,