Hospitality: Entertaining as Ministry

In today’s world,

there are so many challenges, pressures and delusions.

Hearts are often heavy all about us. 

I have found that entertaining is one good way of alleviating

some of the pain in the lives of others.

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My dictionary defines entertaining as “diverting and amusing.”

There is much satisfaction and pleasure in knowing

that one has lifted a spirit by sharing one’s life

and home with someone who is hurting or in need.

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This is the third in a series of

Blue Willow Cottage blog posts

about entertaining regularly in the home,

or “Hospitality.”

I hope to encourage and inspire others

to open their hearts and homes to others with love and joy.

It is rewarding, and FUN!

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Little scene of early morning vespers.

This month, I have actually made Hospitality a matter of prayer! 

I want to use the Cottage to minister to the needs of others. 
I believe the LORD gave the little home we live in to us purposefully, 
 BUT it is actually HIS. 
All of our “things” are God’s. 
It seems to me that the family who does not show hospitality
has lost a great opportunity.

I do not wish to lose out on my chance to reap rewards in this way!

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We can “flavor the community” with salt in this manner,

by practicing sharing and giving. 

And yet, “Hospitality” does not necessarily mean

always having parties, showers, and dinners.

It is more than that.

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Hospitality means sharing with those in need

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 I want to practice this virtue with a glad and joyful heart.

Read Luke 14:12-14 to discover what Jesus said about hospitality.

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I believe we will be “paid”

at the Resurrection of the righteous

for the deeds we have cheerfully done

in our lives

for the sake of God’s Kingdom.

 “I will place no value on anything I may possess except
in relation to the Kingdom of Christ. 
If anything I have will advance the interest of the Kingdom,
it shall be given away, or kept, only as by giving or keeping
I may promote the Glory of HIM,
to whom I owe all my hopes in time and eternity.”
– David Livingstone
Old and New Dishes fill our cabinets, and are used regularly

Are there certain people and/or occasions

which cause you

to be more loving and compassionate? 

I would love it if you would tell me

in the comments  below!