Love Offerings

“Action is Eloquence” ~William Shakespeare

Autumn Dinner with Candle Light

Anything offered in the spirit of love can be enhanced by the attitude and grace of the giver.  Shakespeare described it as “Eloquence.”   Let’s embrace this season of thanksgiving with Giving!


     Give because you want to touch someone’s heart.  Put your creative twist on every gift, so the receiver knows they have a special place in your heart.  Tonight, I wanted to do something extra special for my Husband, Mike.  I had no extra money, but I had a box full of Autumn Decorations, and some Candy Corn.  I bought a pack of votive candles at the Dollar store.




    I served a simple roasted chicken dinner with rice and a green salad.   Oh, and biscuits!    What could you do to offer your love for someone today?


A simple meal is all it takes!  Just add Creativity.



“The manner of giving is worth more than the gift.”


~  Pierre Corneille








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