Carrying the Sky

At Blue Willow Cottage,

 we mix one-of-a-kind finds with custom goods in our home

to (hopefully) create an environment

that has the feel

of an old French Chic Cottage.

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Waverly Material is my favorite. 

and I love the French Toiles, especially Blue Toile. 

Henry David Thoreau once said,

“The Bluebird carries the Sky on his Back,”

and I happen to love every shade of BLUE!

Nonetheless, I do have a small collection of red, pink, and green toile

stashed away for special occasions throughout the year.


Upcycling is a trick I frequently practice in decorating the Cottage.

I hung three curved mirrors above my fireplace hearth

to reflect the light from the window directly across the room.

The Mirrors
The Mirrors

I found the mirrors at Target,

but gave the frames a quick coat of White Paint before

hanging them up.

I think they suggest the lovely illusion of a bright window

 on a dark wall in the Living Room.

A Warm Reception:

A lightly colored piece from an salvaged-antique tablecloth

sets a welcoming tone against the Chestnut panels on the wall

in the entryway to our little Cottage.

Remembering that first impressions are significant,

white marble flooring begins in the entryway.

It has proven to be sturdy and hardworking in balancing the

tracked-in mud, and water from our Gardens.

The entryway table is from Pier One Imports.

I love the painted patina, which provides a practical and pretty surface for displays.

Every surface is fair game for showcasing our unique and cherished finds.

Glass bottles filled with Sea Glass

and a large spiral mollusk shell

stand in front of a mirror

to lighten the area and remind us of wonderful family times on the beach.

Years ago, my re-purposed decorating style was more out of necessity,

but I still delight in revitalizing interiors with salvaged pieces.

I love to surround myself

with the stories that salvaged pieces seem to bring to our settings

  Giving them a new purpose fills me with JOY.

Draped over the slipcovered sofa,

the layered look makes a leftover curtain panel seem like

a treasured scarf.

Little corners seem to cry out to me for patterns that add interest!

This small print features a kaleidoscope of colors,

and was selected out of an art book way back in 2002.

I had it custom framed and it has always brought us such joy, no matter the season.

I love white with washed, muted tones!

The spray of faded blue hydrangeas makes me happy,

and helps to tie the colors of the room together.

Sea Worthy:  In the Living Room Hutch, a sea starfish stands proudly in front of some Blue Willow dishes

Shiny Crystal Clear beads drape casually over the side of the Armoire, reflecting the twinkling lights in the evening.  I rigged up electric timers for my White Ball Lights, which hang Swedish-style vertically and switch on automatically at the moment of sunset.  I love walking into the Cottage in the evening and seeing all the twinkling lights, and ball lights glowing here and there.

I hide old love notes from my Husband during the first year of our marriage inside of a heart-shaped hatbox, which sits in the corner of the Room.

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