Gracious Hospitality

My Dining Room table holds a glimpse

into my thoughts, my hopes, even my soul.


When I invite someone over for a meal, I am opening my arms, heart, and home to offer all I have to love another person. 

Guests and Hospitality 

In my mind, I imagine a spirit hovering over my table, and all around my Dining Room.   This spirit is the Spirit of Love, Fellowship, and Peace, and I want to show this “Spirit” to all who enter our fellowship at Blue Willow Cottage.  The most intimate way I know to help someone enter this fellowship of spirit, is to share a meal.

red at blue willow

Laughter and Lively Conversation

Sometimes, as I am performing my routine cleaning each week, while dusting or scr10672343_773133189399256_541331351388849889_nubbing, I can hear in my mind the laughter of children who sat at this table at a recent party, or the chatter of a lively conversation from a group of teens visiting my son.   At other times, I can almost feel the soft hands, along with chaffed, calloused hands… all clasped together in prayer around this table.   

Remembering the thoughts, insights and encouragement shared after the many Bible studies and discussions which took place here in this home in the past, I am touched.

This old, stained, scarred table of ours has heard the secrets and troubles of many hearts, catching tears on its surface as we shared struggles and sought the LORD for help. 

As I wash the surface, I wonder how many plates of food have been served here.  How many brides-to-be, mothers-to-be, missionaries, ministers of the Gospel have placed their feet under its shadow, and celebrated the gift of togetherness?


Have I entertained Angels? 

And strangers, who are they, really?  Could they really be Angels?

I hope so. 

This would be a delight, to enter the Pearly Gates only to meet an Angel who had previously sat at my Table and shared in our fellowship.



The untold joys, blessings, and FUN of hospitality are unfathomable.  If you have not opened your home and heart to others in this way, I implore you to make a plan to do so. 

The memories you will treasure from this simple act will last a lifetime.  Gracious entertaining is a wonderful way to be a servant and give to others.

5 thoughts on “Gracious Hospitality

  1. You sound like the kind of person I would love to have residing next door. I , too, love the way you speak of Bible studies and prayer around your table. If the table & surroundings could only speak but you are doing a tremendous job with your lovely description. You have been given the love of hospitality which might fall into the spiritual gift of serving others. Love for others and neighbors & hospitality are often linked in Scripture. No matter how we serve, it is all about spiritual transformation. Right? I think even inviting someone for coffee can be spiritual.
    Have a lovely evening my friend.

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