Magical Memories

Do you strive to create magical memories during Christmas?

I lie awake creating scenes to put in play for my loved ones, so that they will remember them always.

A Wonderful Christmas is my DREAM at Blue Willow Cottage.  My goal, my obsession, nearly!
  I actually have a planning day one day each month during the year (on the 25th of each month) to get ready for the “One and Only Season.”
  I have a thick, red, important Christmas Notebook.  I keep notes, lists, recipes, and my December calendar in it.  I keep this notebook on the shelf above my desk, and refer to it often all year long.  With all of the flurry of activity during the busy holidays, I would never be able to do one fraction of the things we do if I had not planned ahead.  I really enjoy my special planning days, which I designate as “BLITZEN Day” on my calendar the 25th of every month.  One day I will write a post on what I do to prepare each month.
I push myself in December, it’s true.  There is so much good to do.  There are so many who need encouragement, help, and FUN.  I include children in my plans.  I volunteer to babysit for the children of working Moms at our church (for those days of School Break when mom still has to work). 
The photos in this post were taken on one such day.  Two very special young ladies visited Blue Willow Cottage about 8 years ago (they were off school and their Mommy had to work).  My family calls these kind of days, “God Days,” and they are the best days of all!  Hannah and Rachel helped us make a vacation day from school extra special.
a blog 19
Hannah Makes Peanut Butter Cookies

We expect to have a marvelous time, and we DO! 

As Christmas approaches, the excitement grows! 


a  blog 110
Putting on Aprons and Scarves for our Baking Session


a  blog 1
Since every corner of our home is festively adorned, we dressed up to match, and had a ball making some special Cookies
a  blog 18
The atmosphere was joyous as we mixed and measured, stirred and poured. The girls really enjoyed baking.
a  blog 166
I believe in letting the children do as much as they are able and desire to do in my Kitchen. Hannah is quite an accomplished baker, so my job was to snap photos!

Christmas can be a very easy time to SHINE the light of our LORD’s love with just a little bit of planning and effort.  I like creating time for extra special fun, and love to share the memories with one and all.

Thank you for peaking into our Kitchen during this special time!   It was a true blessing to work with these two precious little souls.

“Every Act of Love is a Work of Peace, no Matter How Small”

— Mother Teresa

I  encourage you to amass some very beautiful memories at your house today!

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