Working with Vintage Kitchen Tools

To the true chef, a kitchen full of useful tools is cause for rejoicing.

I happen to believe that I was born outside of my real era, therefore, I love Vintage Tools in my kitchen!  This vintage Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer (from the 80’s) has won my heart because of its color and dependability.  I can pull it out in a jiffy and mix up some buttercream icing pronto.

sunbeam mixer
I spied this beautiful mixer on a forlorn shelf at a local Thrift Shop

My Grandmother Vivianne, who was an excellent cook, had an exact replica of this mixer.  Her fried chicken was second to none, and my father begged for her chocolate fudge and molasses cookies every Christmas.  If I close my eyes, I can transport myself in my imagination to her tiny second floor apartment in the city.  I visited her every week on Tuesday after school.  She let me help her make fudge, cupcakes, and other delicious treats.  She sang as we baked, and it was a lovely time.  

Imagine my delight when I came across this mixer at Salvation Army last week.  My mind flooded with happy memories of Grandma’s tiny apartment, those irresistible aromas coming from her impossibly small oven.

united in love

Every birthday in our family is a chance for me to pull out this mixer and remember my Grandma while whipping up some delicious confection.

vintage mixer

On party day, the family flocks to our Cottage, knowing that they are about to taste

a new cake with unique flavor.  My son loves Lemon Cake with Lemondrop Icing.

My sister insists on my Coconut Cake for her birthday celebration.  Barbara, my

niece, begged me to make a yellow butter cake for her Bridal Shower.  I am happy to oblige, as I totally enjoy the process.

my wedding cake
Barbara’s Bridal Shower Cake: Yellow Butter Cake with Buttercream Icing… Yellow Roses from my backyard!


cake nat house


This love of baking has been passed on to my child.


From the time he could see over the counter, my son has shared in my joy of cake

creating.  He now creates his own confections, being asked by friends to make their

Birthday Cakes these days.


What a satisfying feeling to watch him in the Kitchen.

cake 2
Our boy (years ago, age 8) preparing the pans for his latest cake recipe.

He loves hearing stories about his Great Grandmother Vivianne, even though

she died many years before he was born.  I think it is wonderful to pass down

stories and facts about family members who have gone on before. 


And I lovepassing down the love of baking…


What hobbies have you shared with your children recently?





With Love and Hugs from




My Husband just showed me this beauty he found on eBay for $49.97…  I am tempted to purchase it in case my current faithful mixer finally goes Ka-Put.

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