Feelings and Moments…

I love the beautiful people who live in my home.  I adore visitors at the Cottage, most especially young people!  These ARE the wonderful things in life.   Children in my home seem to help to motivate me, energize me, and make me want to be a better person.

My helper
Chopping apples for apple pie
Hannah is breaking down rocks and hunting for fossils


What is important is not always urgent here in the everyday living of life.  Time for fun Is always important.  Reading is important.  Doing things together is important.  Learning is essential.


003 (2)

I love it when children hang out with me in the Breakfast nook and read as I prepare the next meal.   In the photo above, little Rachel is reading a Skippy John Jones book.  She loves books, playdoh, and crafts.  She is a happy friend, and so easy to be with!


In our day to day, we really try to instill a love of God and spiritual richness into our children’s lives here.  Prayer is a part of many events in our day to day lives.  Everyone can pray.

Here at the Cottage, each child is asked to participate.  We have a Prayer Board, and we pray for many people daily.  Prayer time is at 9 am for Homeschooling.  Each child has a prayer journal to document answered prayers.  We pray at mealtimes, bedtime, morning devotional time, and spontaneously throughout the day.

I love teaching children to pray.  We talk about prayer, too, just like we talk about God.  I love being close to my children, and able to talk about all of these essential things.  We include visiting children in our prayer time, too.


Playing board games and other games are some of my favorite times at the cottage.  We have a collection of board games, and we often invite Grandparents and special friends to join us in our Game times.  I serve very special, game night food on our Game Night Times.  The kids get to choose the food.  Often they choose odd or unusual food, like shrimp cocktail.  It makes it even more special!

Do you have Game Night?  Do you have Prayer time?  I would love to know what these look like at your house.