All in a Day’s Work

Happy Thursday Eve, dear friends!

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Do you have habits that you do every day to calm you?

I love my daily rituals, and have learned to repeat the phrase, “All in a Day’s work”

many times when I tire and am so weary,

like when someone spills something at the

end of doing the cleaning.


It really helps me check my attitude!

countertop summer


soups on
Soup is a lunchtime ritual on most days at the cottage


My rituals keep me going, even when the going is hard.


When I first became a mother, I actually laminated a morning, afternoon, and evening ritual (chores) for myself because I was so distracted by my premature baby and the care he required.  I would find my cold lunch in the microwave 3 or 4 hours after I had placed it there to warm up, being pulled away from the kitchen by my baby’s cries.  I could not keep my thoughts in order those first few weeks, partially because I was so enthralled in my little one’s loveliness, and partially because I had never been able to stay home full time before.  I was beginning to wonder how I had ever been able to function full time as an RN, when I got busy and put down my required tasks on paper.


yellow tulip
One of my summer rituals is going outside with the sunrise and working in my garden for 30 minutes …   it is cool and quiet…   no distractions


Making Lists and Keeping Track

After making lists and carefully following them, I was amazed at how much I was able to accomplish back in those days.  I still have a clipboard with my rituals listed, and I follow it loosely even now.


PicMonkey Collage summer afternoon
What about you, do you make lists, or have daily rituals that help you keep up?


What about you, do you make lists,

or have daily rituals that help you keep up?

I would love to hear about it!


from my Heart

with a Hug,